Living Well Opportunities


Movement Therapy

Our own life is the instrument

with which we experiment with the truth.

     -Thich Nhat Hanh

Sessions with Heidi provide a safe opportunity to explore the links between mind and body. Through a uniquely tailored system of breath work, yogic postures, gentle movement structures, and psycho/physical alignment principles we uncover beliefs, discover and realign habit and create choice.  Clients move with new embodied knowing towards lasting and grounded personal change.  During sessions, we uncover strengthens, comfort zones and internal resources. Movement patterns that build confidence, release anxiety, or create a sense of power or peace are explored. Clients uncover hidden skills, learn the art of self advocacy, develop inner calm and discover new ways to integrate and recuperate. Depression and anxiety is eased.


Like the river, return to the source.

     -Tao Te Ching

Meditation  sessions with Heidi provide a safe, private opportunity to discover or deepen a meditation practice. Individual, private sessions build on your own personal, innate, healing instincts and knowing.  In sessions with Heidi you discover your own natural impulses for health and strengthen these inner techniques. we strengthen the pathways to a relaxed attention to our lives. Clients are led to find their gateways into this state and are guided in uncovering the depths there.

Yoga Classes

May the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.


Feel good from the inside out.  Build more flexibility and tone. Soothe your nervous system. Clear your mind. Discover greater vitality, peace and connection to the heart in Heidi’s Yoga classes. Yoga is a process of bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance. Heidi’s classes are a playful blend of these three. Each class builds on the body’s blueprint for optimal health, aligning with what is best in each of us and culminating in a pose challenging our strength and flexibility. There is laughter some too! Return to or get started with the basics and fundamentals of yoga poses. Learn the process of deep clear alignment in the poses and breathing techniques for more freedom. Classes are based on the foundational belief that a river of spirit and grace flows through all of us and that yoga is a path to acess the peace, playfulness, courage, strength and flexability that is there waiting for us. See calander for class times or dive into private sessions that suit your clock and schedule.

Community Facilitation

We don’t quite playing because we grow old.
We grow old because we quit playing.

     -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Build the perfect experience for your staff, clients or customers. Let them know that you value them, remind them what is possible working in their strengths together, or open up new paths to commitment and innovation. Multi- generational or multidisciplinary Play Days with Heidi will be the talk of your  and a fluid and direct tool for building your dreams.

Movement Therapy for Children & Teens

There are short-cuts to happiness,
and dancing is one of them.

     -Vicki Baum

Dance/movement therapy can foster creative self-expression, and provides safe and effective options for relating to others and coping with the environment. Heidi provides group and individual sessions, which support the development of the child, including the acquisition and transfer of skills in many areas, and support healthy processingof trauma, illness and loss. Her gentle and sturdy movement interventions set limits within which children can learn to control impulsive behavior, to increase their ability to focus and sustain attention, which are essential in developing cognitive potential, and develop age approipriate healthy coping skills. Heidi uses wide variety of approaches, such as expressive move­ment, creative dance, role-playing, yoga, meditation and a blend of structured and improvised movement experiences. Through movement observation and interaction, Heidi meets the child on a primary, nonverbal level, which helps the child to develop a positive and realistic self-image. Upon entering the child’s symbolic movement world, she expands communication skills, creating pathways from nonverbal to verbal dialogues. As a result of this process, self-awareness, awareness of others, coping skills, and the ability to form relationships can all be improved.

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Living well is an inside job.